True Iconic Show Silk Protein Conditioner(4.5L)

True Iconic Show Silk Protein Conditioner(4.5L)

True Iconic Show Silk Protein Conditioner(4.5L)

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Show Silk Protein Conditioner

The first in a new generation of conditioner. TRUE ICONIC Show Silk Protein Conditioner contains an extreme amount of protein. Protein, Vitamin E, and Avocado Extract makes limp lifeless hair full and luxurious. Vitamin B 5 makes a hair strong and more elastic so it won't break while brushing out. TRUE ICONIC Show Silk Protein conditioner moisturizes dry itchy skin, rinses completely and won't make hair oily or greasy. pH-balanced, natural, biodegradable, non-irritating.

Directoins: Shampoo with your favorite TRUE ICONIC Show Beuty Bath. Apply TRUE ICONIC Show Silk Protein Conditioner concentrated or diluted to the coat. Work into coat until saturated, paying special attention to the end and trouble spots. USe additional conditioner as needed. Coat in poor condition should be rinsed lightly, leaving more product in the coat to help protect, build body and repair damaged hair. Coats in good condition or heavier coats should be more thoroughly rinsed. Hair should be left with a slick (no oily)feeling (while wet). For extremely dry or damaged coats, apply conditioner full strength and leave in coat 5-10 minutes before rinsing. (Strongly recommended for Shih Tzu, Yorkshire Terrier Maltese, Papillon, Cocker Spaniels, Golden Retriever and major long, flat-coated & feathering breeds)

Contains: Cetrimonium Chloride, Vitamin B5, Vitamin E, Acetate, Avocado Extract, Silk Protein, Glycerine Cetyl Alcohol, Jojoba Oil, Water, Herbal Essence. 

No Animal Extract and No added salt (NaCl) Sodium Chloride or Coloring Dyes.



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