5S Serum

5S Serum
5S Serum
5S Serum


5S Serum

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Specially formulated 5S Serum for re-hydration rich in Vitamin E & B complex also high in Vitamin C. 5S Serum is to replenishes coats with 5 times more moisturizers, Transform damaged coats & skin with 5S Serum to achieve a silky smooth texture, lively volume and a shimmering shine. Eliminates static fly away coat an frizz caused from blow drying, ironing, brushing or dry climates.

Easy-to-use liquid formula for lightness and style ability creates long-lasting sleek control and manageability. Infused with a complex of triple Vitamin E, B & C to moisturize, strengthen and repair split ends, fizzy coats, leaving them shiner, sleek and healthier looking with long lasting rich glossiness.

Jojoba Oil, Carpobol Glycerine, Polysobate, Denature Alcohol, Hydantoin, Perfume.

No Animal Extract & Non added salt (NaCl) Sodium Chloride or Coloring Dyes.


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